Current NAI Fellows

FELLOWS Institution YEAR State
Chen, Junhong University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2016 Wisconsin
Cook, Diane J. Washington State University 2016 Washington
Campbell, Joe C. University of Virginia 2015 Virginia
Cerf, Vinton G. National Science Foundation 2013 Virginia
Cannon-Albright, Lisa A. The University of Utah 2013 Utah
Calne, Sir Roy University of Cambridge 2012 United Kingdom
Cason, Carolyn L. The University of Texas at Arlington 2013 Texas
Chen, Nai Yuen The University of Texas at Arlington 2012 Texas
Chow, Diana S. University of Houston 2015 Texas
Chu, Paul C.W. University of Houston 2012 Texas
Coleman, James J. The University of Texas at Dallas 2014 Texas
Crowe, Jr., James E. Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2017 Tennessee
Chang, Mau-Chung Frank National Chiao Tung University 2015 Taiwan
Chen, Liang-Gee National Taiwan University 2016 Taiwan
Cooper, Leon N. Brown University 2013 Rhode Island
Chuah, Mooi Choo Lehigh University 2017 Pennsylvania
Cooper, Rory A. University of Pittsburgh 2014 Pennsylvania
Chen, Ching-Shih The Ohio State University 2014 Ohio
Cheng, Stephen Z. D. The University of Akron 2012 Ohio
Cornish, Katrina The Ohio State University 2015 Ohio
Cosgrove III, Delos M. (Toby) Cleveland Clinic 2015 Ohio
Croce, Carlo M. The Ohio State University 2013 Ohio
Calderbank, A. Robert Duke University 2014 North Carolina
Carbonell, Ruben G. North Carolina State University 2016 North Carolina
Chilkoti, Ashutosh Duke University 2014 North Carolina
Cuomo, Jerome J. North Carolina State University 2013 North Carolina
Chao, H. Jonathan New York University 2014 New York
Charney, Dennis S. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 2017 New York
Chu, Benjamin Stony Brook University, SUNY 2013 New York
Coates, Geoffrey W. Cornell University 2017 New York

* indicates deceased
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