Current NAI Fellows

FELLOWS Institution YEAR State
Eighmy, T. Taylor The University of Texas at San Antonio 2013 Texas
Elsenbaumer, Ronald L. The University of Texas at Arlington 2013 Texas
Eddy, David M. University of South Florida 2015 Florida
Eberwine, James H. University of Pennsylvania 2014 Pennsylvania
Engheta, Nader University of Pennsylvania 2015 Pennsylvania
Emrick, Todd S. University of Massachusetts Amherst 2013 Massachusetts
Eden, J. Gary University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2014 Illinois
Elias, John G. University of Delaware 2013 Delaware
Endo, Akira Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology 2012 Japan
Evans, Ronald M. Salk Institute for Biological Studies 2016 California
Eiceman, Gary A. New Mexico State University 2016 New Mexico
Emadi, Ali McMaster University 2016 Canada
Ehman, Richard L. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research 2016 Minnesota
Edelman, Elazer R. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2014 Massachusetts
Elisseeff, Jennifer H. Johns Hopkins University 2014 Maryland
Edwards, David A. Harvard University 2013 Massachusetts
Evans, David A. Harvard University 2014 Massachusetts
Evans, Sir Martin J. Cardiff University 2014 United Kingdom
Elias, Jack A. Brown University 2017 Rhode Island

* indicates deceased
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